Sunday, April 19, 2020

Getting Google Nest Hello Visitor Announcements to Automatically Show on the Google Hub

This checklist is for users of the Google Nest Hello connected with Google Nest Hub having trouble
getting visitor announcements to automatically display on the Hub. It assumes the Hub is properly set up and connected to Google Assistant and Hello so that you can..:
  • Control the Google Nest Hub from your phone
  • See live video stream from your Hello by giving the voice command "Show <Hello_Room_Name>"
This checklist should help you solve the final problem:

Getting visitor announcements to automatically show on the Google Nest Hub when someone rings the Hello doorbell

On the Nest Hub device: 

  • Do not disturb off (center button when swiping up from bottom)

Google Home app(s):

  • Click on your connected Google Hub Nest Device
  • Click settings and ensure:
    • Night mode: off
    • Recognition and Personalization > Allow Personal results: On
If you have multiple accounts associated with the Home make sure you check the settings for all accounts

Nest app: 

  • Settings > Front door > Visitor announcemenbts: On


Google Home, Hub device setup

Google nest:

Other issues:

For other issues some of these guides might help:

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